Magazine Speed Loader Review

Maglula Ltd UpLula Pistol Magazine Loader
Universal magazine loader/unloader
Speeds up and simplifies the pistol loading process
Makes filling a magazine as easy as flipping a switch
MakerShot Custom Magazine Speedloader
This is NOT a universal loader. Please select CALIBER and MAGAZINE compatibility above
Perfect fit on selected magazine for ideal loading of every round.
High-quality polymer speed loader from an American company.
Elite Tactical Systems Universal Magazine Speed Loader
Loads pistol mags in seconds. Truly the first speed loader for pistol mags.
Works with 9mm and .40 caliber pistol mags, double or single stack.
Picks rounds up from ammo tray. User doesn't have to even touch ammo.

Best magazine speed loader

Shooting, at a range or otherwise, require more than aiming and pulling the trigger. The general opinion is that everyone likes taking the shot, but nobody like actually loading the gun. Of course, it is not like you can skip it. Plus, there is no notification in the corner of your eye that shows you your ammo level like in video games. If you do not count, you do not know when the ammo is done. And naturally, you will not start counting when you shoot with a rifle. Too much. However, as I said, loading is not something you can overlook, but if you do not like the process, you can always use a magazine speed loader.

What is a magazine speed loader?

The device is precisely what the name suggests. It is also known as a mag loader, and It is a device that makes the process of loading the magazine of a gun less time-consuming and effortless. It can be used on various kinds of firearms, even revolvers, and depending on the design, you can load attached or detachable magazines. These days, there are few guns that cannot be loaded using such a device. So, if that idea of loading every magazine you have repulses you, you should consider investing in a magazine speed loader.

The benefits of using a magazine speed loader

The obvious reason why people choose to buy a magazine speed loader is undeniable. Nobody likes it. There are a few exceptions, of course, but these people are too few to be mentioned. After all, we live in the speed era, when everything needs to move at a fast pace. Why loading a gun should be any different, right? With that being said, here is how a magazine speed loader can make your life better.

  • It makes the gun loading process a whole lot shorter – if you have never seen a magazine speed loader in action, not even in a video, you will be surprised of how fast the loading goes with a mag loader. It makes the whole process last seconds while doing that by hand can take up to minutes, depending on the magazine. We can all agree that anything that cuts the time that short can only be beneficial, right? Why spend so much time on something that can last so little? Of course, it may take longer at first because you need to get the hang of it, but once you do, you will do it with your eyes closed in just a few seconds.
  • It takes less effort – since loading a magazine is shorter thanks to a magazine speed loader, it is only natural that the process is effortless as well. The energy you spend on going through this process is barely there, and that is yet another thing you will be thankful for once you get the hang of using a magazine speed loader.
  • Your hands will thank you – your hands may take it, but your fingers will never know so much comfort. Using a magazine speed loader puts very little stress on your hands, and since the fingers are the most affected by loading a magazine by hand, they will take a much-deserved break.
  • You will spend more time shooting and less time loading – as I mentioned earlier, almost nobody likes just standing around for a reload. And if you have no idea, reloading a gun does not happen in a second as you see in video games. With a magazine speed loader, you will spend more time doing something you like, and that, I think, is reason alone to invest in a magazine speed loader.

Are there any downsides?

Just like any other thing in this world, a magazine speed loader also has a disadvantage. Of course, that is only if you choose to see it that way. Many people do not. However, for the sake of full disclosure, I am going to tell you about the so-called downside. It seems that there are some people who consider that carrying another piece of equipment can become burdening. So basically, the con for a magazine speed loader is the fact that you have one additional item with you. Honestly, since such a device weighs only 4 ounces, I cannot believe that I can call that a disadvantage. And even if it were heavier, it compensates by a lot more. I shall leave that to your discretion, but personally, I cannot find a valid downside for a magazine speed loader.

What to consider when looking for the best magazine speed loader

Now that you know you want a magazine speed loader, you must learn how to select the best magazine speed loader for you. It should not be hard as long as you know what to look for, but some people do not. That is why I created this short list of criteria that should help you make an excellent choice. Here is that you need to consider when you are making a purchase.

  • Compatibility – just like you can find various sizes when it comes to magazines, it only makes sense that not all magazine speed loaders can work on all of them. It is true that there are universal magazine speed loader, and they can handle almost all guns, but if you want to go for a more specific magazine speed loader, you need to make sure that it is compatible with the magazine of your gun (or guns.) Otherwise, you will end up with a product that is supposed to cut your loading time short, only to not be able to use it. And who wants all that hassle with the return process? Check twice and order once. That should do it.
  • Durability – a magazine speed loader is a generally abused item that if it is not durable, it will crack into a million pieces in the first few months of use. That is why I recommend a sturdy magazine speed loader that can take all that abuse. You cannot know before purchase just by looking at a few pictures online, but you do have the possibility of reading some reviews.
  • Ease of use – if a magazine speed loader is challenging to use, then it beats the whole purpose of a magazine speed loader. You need to be able to learn how to use it fast, and once you learn, the system should work almost automatically. What is the point of buying something that is supposed to make your life easier, if it does not do precisely that? You would think that all magazine speed loaders are easy to use, but you would be wrong. Flaws in design can make a product utterly worthless.

What are the best magazine speed loaders?

If you have no idea what you are doing, buying a magazine speed loader can prove to be a difficult task. However, I have already given you the basic information you can use to make the right choice. Reading some magazine speed loaders reviews online can also help since people usually complain about poorly made products. You can use that to your advantage and stay away from falsely advertised products. If you still have difficulties in making a choice, just select one of the products below and call it a day.

Maglula Ltd UpLula Pistol Magazine Loader

Click here to buy it on Amazon

If you do your homework just a little bit, you will notice that this particular magazine speed loader is the most popular product in this category. Tens of thousands of people have already bought it, and it has received much praise both online and in real life. The reasons behind the praise are not badly-founded. The UpLula is, in fact, a high-quality magazine speed loader that has set the standards for all the other products.

This magazine speed loader is a universal loader that will cut the time you spend on loading to a third of the old one. So, if before you used to spend three minutes loading a magazine, you will now spend only one. How about that cut? Plus, the whole process requires minimal effort. I am sure that your fingers will be grateful.

Filling a magazine with this magazine speed loader is as easy as flipping a switch. It works with both single and double stack pistols, and it is compatible with 9mm, 10mm, 357 40- and 45- caliber magazines. Make sure that you make the right choice before you make the purchase. This model comes in various colors, even bright pink, although I cannot imagine someone using a pink magazine speed loader on his 45. The construction is flawless, and I am sure you will enjoy this device for many years to come.

MakerShot Custom Magazine Speedloader

Click here to buy it on Amazon

Just because the title suggests this model is custom, that is not what this name refers to. The manufacturer just wanted to make sure that everyone gets the message that this is not a universal loader. You need to select the caliber and the magazine compatibility before moving on to actually place the order. I cannot stress enough the importance of that step. You would be amazed at how many people forget about this tiny but yet essential detail.

Once you have selected the right caliber and magazine, the loading will be a piece of cake at every round. You do not have to invest much time and effort in loading your magazine, and once you get the hang of using this device, you will never let it go. It is a perfect fit in every case, which is why this is yet another popular product with buyers.

This magazine speed loader is made of high-quality polymer, and it has been manufactured by an American company. I know that that aspect matters for many of you. It brings excellent speed, it has an ergonomic design for comfortable use, and it will last a lifetime. Whether you use it on duty or at the shooting range, I am sure you will end up loving it.

Elite Tactical Systems Universal Magazine Speed Loader

Click here to buy it on Amazon

Last but not least, the magazine speed loader is another product you may be interested in. It is a universal magazine speed loader that will make loading your gun effortless. Plus, you will spend less time fondling the rounds and more time shooting them. The process lasts only a few seconds.

This model works with 90 mm and .40 caliber pistol mags. It does not matter if they are double or single stack. One of the things you will like the most about this model is that you do not even have to touch the ammo. The device just picks up the rounds from the tray and then allows you to easily insert them in the magazine. It is as simple as that.

As for the construction of the Elite Tactical Systems magazine speed loader, the manufacturer used a polymer of the highest quality. It will take all the abuse you can give it, and it will go through wear and tear like a champ.

My recommendation

I believe that all three products will do an excellent job, and no matter which one you choose, you will enjoy the beauty that is a magazine speed loader. Nevertheless, if I were to pick just one, I would go with the Maglula Ltd UpLula Pistol Magazine Loader. I cannot help but agree with the thousands of people who bought it that it is the best magazine speed loader you can buy.


We live in a day and age when if we have the opportunity, we cut the time short no matter the field of activity. Loading guns is no different. It takes too much time, and nobody likes doing it. That is why a magazine speed loader saves the day and eliminates the issue altogether. I strongly recommend one. Click here to buy on Amazon

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